Amber Bogie
ABM Manager

Amber Bogie on Scaling ABM From a Team of One

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In this episode of Real ABM our guest is the ABM Manager at Degreed, Amber Bogie. Amber started as a team of one, and has worked her way to grow her team and grow her influence. One of the most difficult stages of growing your team when starting from a team of one is sales enablement. When you get to a point where you can start to bring other people in, teaching them to fish is the key to success and scalability.

During her time, she has discovered the importance of viewing ABM as an arm of sales through collaboration and common language understanding. It is critical for the marketing team to understand the sales process at your organization. Never forget to be more human through the process. Amber has found it effective to run ABM light rather than only focusing on 1 to 1 because it is more scalable. On the flip side of that, trying to do everything at once prevents scaling as well. Amber also learned early on how to review past success, and from that set realistic goals for both short and long term that lead to growth. Learn how to put the pieces in place so it takes on a life of its own and drives itself. The ABM strategy can be difficult, but you learn a lot of things on the way that help you succeed.

I’m not looking for a single source, like attribution when I’m looking at my measurement, because ABM is a combination of all efforts across the organization and how they impact as a whole.”

– Amber Bogie

Key Insights

Major Takeaways

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Amber has a really good grasp of what success looks like and what steps need to be taken to make that happen. It isn’t the exotic solution we all want to hear, but taking the time to evaluate where we have been and our past success so we can create realistic, needle-moving goals, both short and long term, really is a huge key to success. Once you have those key pieces in place, then you can really dive into fine-tuning your strategy.

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Amber’s insight brings a lot of hope to people who have limited resources and just getting started with ABM. It can be really difficult to dive in and know what you should do, whether your efforts are paying off, and when you should hire and for what. Amber shares practical tips that work best for her and it helped get her to where she is today.