Richa Pande
Head of Global ABM Programs

Richa Pande on the Foundational Aspects of ABM Success

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In this episode of Real ABM our guest is Richa Pande, the Head of Global ABM Programs at HP. Richa covers the foundational aspects of success with ABM. One aspect of success is the functions of the marketing team: ensuring rich customer insight to enable you to identify and build your personas, as well as your customer journey. Richa also covers identifying accounts: the importance of planning rather than letting sales fend for themselves, outlining firmographics, cutting the account list to ensure maximum efficiency.

Tactically, the gems of knowledge lie within the customer journey. Creating dialogue within the customer journey enables droves of feedback and adds a personal touch. Richa has found that creating peer-to-peer environments for customers brings about a more diverse set of customers, creates room to hear and solve problems, and allows time to build relationships. Also, making experts in the field available adds another layer of service for customers. Measuring success with ABM reflects on components such as the quality of engagement, strategic alignment, incrementality to personas, and softer metrics.

“In order to really have an ABM program that can make a difference, you need very rich customer insights. That’s going to help you build and identify your personas…and build your customer journey.”

– Richa Pande

Key Insights

Major Takeaways

Nick Bennett


The section on optimization is a great reminder, even for people who have been in ABM for a while, of how to evaluate your current process and ensure your current strategy is aligned and maximizing your potential. Even more mature ABM strategies need to revisit these questions and reflect to make sure there aren’t any pieces out of place. Richa hit the nail on the head with the comment about falling in love with the drill, if you don’t love the drill, you won’t perform on the court.

Pete Lorenco


Richa gave great outlines for components of a successful ABM strategy in many different categories. The section where he sets up functions of a marketing team and details all the different questions to think through and pay attention to is incredible. So much of what was said is foundational, and it is such an incredible resource for anyone starting to think through marketing with ABM.