Mark Huber
Director of Growth

Mark Huber Breaks Down Campaign Success and Fine-Tuning Your Marketing

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In this episode of Real ABM our guest is the Director of Growth at, Mark Huber. Mark flips the script when it comes to ABM. From Mark’s perspective, ABM is a technique used to contribute to the bigger picture associated with demand generation. 

Based on experience, Mark relies upon the crawl, walk, run method of account-based marketing. Essentially, ABM is a combination of layers that get more personalized as you introduce more complexity. Mark believes the main difference in his approach is to show the customer not just how they can be a client of Metadata, but how Metadata can actually help them.

During the conversation, Mark spends time talking about variables of success for marketing and advertising, identifying potential customers, and creating a higher contract value throughout the funnel. Mark also covers the real value of direct mail and how to maximize its success within an ABM motion.

If you’re looking for this platform to solve your problems, it’s not going to work. Like you have to have a plan and a process in place, and then look for the tool to enable that.”

– Mark Huber

Key Insights

Major Takeaways

Nick Bennett


Mark and his team have found the sweet spot for the crawl, walk, run method. When you get to the point where you can run, it can be difficult to still have the feel of the one to one interaction. Giving the campaigns a customized, premium feel and getting creative to create those memorable moments are what help you scale but still have impact.

Pete Lorenco


I’m a fan of Mark and what Metadata is doing despite their small team. He provides practical insight into the foundations of building an ABM motion and then executing against it effectively. Looking forward to picking his brain more about the untapped potential of ABM using Youtube as a channel.