James Gilbert
Head of Marketing

James Gilbert on Rethinking and Improving the Standard ABM Strategy



In this episode of Real ABM our guest is the author, speaker and current Head of Marketing at CRMNEXT, James Gilbert. James provides insight on redefining success in ABM. Delving beyond the standard ABM strategy, James takes time to analyze ways to improve and rethink ABM. What if ABM was seen through the lens of GTM? What would happen if a niche target audience was the goal rather than a broad target audience? James consistently challenges the standard and moves the needle forward through constant innovation. This episode talks about how to increase the velocity of the funnel, what does the intent cake do to influence your process and how to create out-of-the-box strategies that develop a cycle of ingenuity.

As you process through what James has to say, take time to reflect on your current strategy and structure. What would happen if you added multiple data points for reference? How can you improve communication between sellers and buyers? Rethink the ABM strategy for ways to create an experience for the customer with multiple touch points along the way. How can you highlight and engage the community? How can you create synergy between sales and buyers? Is your current strategy just spray and pray? How can you create opportunities for sales to get a foot in the door? What about SDR’s? What resources are you using and to what extent? All this and more: this week on Real ABM.

“We have done all of this completely off of our website. It’s all been on landing pages. It’s all been unique experiences driving people to assume a goal. That’s pretty nuts.”

– James Gilbert

Key Insights

Major Takeaways

Nick Bennett


It takes guts to really tweak and mess around with the standard formula for ABM. Thinking about ABM as a GTM strategy, creating a niche clientele focus and prioritizing multiple touch points that create an experience for the customer are all ways James and the team over at CRMNEXT are redefining the standard and pushing the needle forward on ABM. I love that even their podcast is a market insight content generator, providing another avenue for the customer voice and identifying weaknesses.

Pete Lorenco


James has given me a lot to think about when it comes to the intent cake. Everyone knows about intent data, but actually taking time to ensure the sales team has access to this to be able to filter not just what accounts to select but which to remove as well. This way, you really are going after the accounts that are interested. The more levels of intent are reflected in the accounts, the more likely spending time investing in them will pay off.